Science Fiction and Fantasy Masterworks

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Starting from January 2000, Millennium introduced the Fantasy Masterworks series which is published concurrently with the Science Fiction Masterworks series: a book from each series each month. The following lists these books, the Science Fiction book first followed by the Fantasy book.

January 2000

Flowers for Algernon Book Reviewed

Daniel Keyes

The Book of the New Sun Vol 1: Shadow & Claw

Gene Wolfe

February 2000


Philip K Dick

Time & the Gods

Lord Dunsany

March 2000

Timescape Book Reviewed

Greg Benford

The Worm Ouroborus

ER Eddison

April 2000

More than Human

Theodore Sturgeon

Tales of the Dying Earth

Jack Vance

May 2000

Man Plus

Frederik Pohl

Little, Big

John Crowley

June 2000

A Case of Conscience Book Reviewed

James Blish

The First Chronicles of Amber (The Corwin Books) Book Reviewed

Roger Zelazny

July 2000

The Centauri Device

M John Harrison


M John Harrison

August 2000

Dr Bloodmoney

Philip K Dick

The Conan Chronicles Vol 1

Robert E Howard

September 2000

Non-Stop Book Reviewed

Brian Aldiss

The Land of Laughs

Jonathan Carroll

October 2000

The Fountains of Paradise

Arthur C Clark

The Compleat Enchanter Book Reviewed

L Sprauge de Camp & Fletcher Pratt

November 2000

Pavane Book Reviewed

Keith Roberts

Lud-in-the-Mist Book Reviewed

Hope Mirrlees

December 2000

Now Wait for Last Year

Philip K Dick

The Book of the New Sun Vol. 2: Sword & Citadel

Gene Wolfe

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