Science Fiction and Fantasy Masterworks

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Starting from January 2000, Millennium introduced the Fantasy Masterworks series which is published concurrently with the Science Fiction Masterworks series: a book from each series each month. The following lists these books, the Science Fiction book first followed by the Fantasy book.

January 2005

The Penultimate Truth

Philip K Dick (again!!!)


Geoff Ryman

February 2005

Dying Inside

Robert Silverberg

Song of Kali

Dan Simmons

June 2005


Larry Niven

No book listed


July 2005

No book listed


Sea Kings of Mars and Other Worldly Stories

Leigh Brackett

August 2005

The Child Garden

Geoff Ryman

No book listed


September 2005

 No book listed


The Anubis Gates

Tim Powers

October 2005

Mission of Gravity

Hal Clements

November 2005

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

Patricia McKillip

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