Science Fiction and Fantasy Masterworks

These series undertake to republish Science Fiction books that are considered classic and are otherwise unavailable. They represent a range of publication dates throughout the 20th century and earlier.

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January 2002

No book published...

Voice of Our Shadow

Jonathan Carroll

February 2002


Sheri S Tepper

The Emperor of Dreams

Clark Ashton Smith

March 2002

A Fall of Moondust

Arthur C Clarke

Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden

Jack Vance

April 2002


Greg Bear


Gene Wolfe

May 2002

No book announced...

The Dragon Waiting

John M Ford

June 2002

Minority Report*

Philip K Dick

The Chronicles of Corum

Michael Moorcock

July 2002

No book announced...

Black Gods and Scarlet Dreams

CL Moore

August 2002

No book announced...

No book announced...

September 2002

No book announced...

The Broken Sword

Poul Anderson

October 2002

No book announced...

House on the Borderland Book Reviewed

William Hope Hodgson

November 2002

No book announced...

The Drawing of the Dark

Tim Powers

December 2002

No book announced

No book announced


* Although announced as a Masterworks book, I could never find any evidence of it coming out as one.

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