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In my opinion, her best series of books are those set in the Merchanter Universe in internal chronology (approximately):

Heavy Time

Hell Burner


DownBelow Station


Finity's End

40,000 in Gehenna


The above are in no particular order, though Heavy Timeand Hell Burner form a series and are set prior to the others. Rimrunners would probably be the next book in internal consistency followed by DownBelow Station. Cyteen covers a timespan roughly contiguous with this and a bit longer, though, as it's set in Union territory, you should expect quite a different view of things. Tripoint feels like it's actually set later than Finity's End, though they were actually published the other way round. There is also 40,000 in Gehennah which I no longer own (I couldn't really get into this), whose time span covers most of the later books.

As well as these, there are the Chanur books which are set in a part of our galaxy outside of Terran space and dealing with a multi-species civilisation. The books are from the point of view of the Hani, a Leonid like race of Merchanters who get caught up in Great Deeds when they offer sanctuary to a new alien running from the devilish Kif.

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