Hell Burner


Earth has built ships that can carry the war through the depths of space against the rebellious people of Union. What Earth hasn't got are vessels that can achieve the high C velocities that are required to intercept ships as they come out of hyper - the Terrans have a superfluity of people to act as cannon fodder, what it couldn't afford are the staggeringly expensive hyper capable vessels.

What Earth's technologists came up with was a small fighter that could travel at extremely fast sub-light speed, needed a relatively small crew and 'simple' weaponry. What Earth couldn't seem to manage was find the crews to actually run them at the really high speeds that these vessels would need to fight.

The miners whose livelihood had been disrupted by the actions of the military become aware of these activities and the difficulties Earth has in crewing them

They offered themselves as potential pilots. Earth was distrustful at first but was gradually won run round as the miners proved their superiority time after time. The best of the best proved to be the trio of Bird, Ben and Dekker with the Rad leader Meg making up the commanding foursome.

Once they had shown the way, the Earth Military had the interesting job of transferring their learning to tape so that they could teach the rest of their crews the necessary responses

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