The hyperships of Humanity flit from gravity well to gravity well. Most such points are occupied by stars and associated planetary systems. But there are the occasional gravity wells that hold no stars and are the meeting places of smugglers and pirates. Tripoint is one such spot and though the Great Powers are at peace, personal conflicts abound, very few more virulent than the one between Sprite's Cargo Chief Marie Hawkin and Corinthian's Captain Austin Bowe.

When, while looking for his mother, Tom Hawkin finds himself on-board the Corinthian, shanghaied by his father's crew.

Marie turns up and goes to pursue the Corinthian, plotting courses through the mass points to find her son rather than maximising the profits of the Sprite. This leads them to a final confrontation at Tripoint where a twenty three year old mystery is brought to a head and the source of the strange cargo canisters coming out of the Corinthian's cargo hold is revealed. After Marie's efforts, it's too hot for the Corinthian and she must transfer out of Alliance space, leaving her lucrative trade to the Sprite and her new Captain, one Marie Hawkin.

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