Time Line

The following is a time line for the Vorkosigan Universe as based on Miles's life. The data for this has been obtained from the published books.

Period Events Book
Approximately 200 years before Miles' birth Creation of the Quaddies by Galac Tech and their subsequent rebellion as they fled Human space Falling Free
A year or two before Miles' birth - the Invasion of Escobar Cordelia Naismith meets Aral Vorkosigan and falls in love with him. Shards of Honor
Miles' birth - the Vordarian Pretendership Now married to Aral, Cordelia's pregnancy is lethally interrupted in the opening shots of a civil war. Barrayar
Miles at 17 Failing to gain entry to the Academy, Miles travels the Galaxy and ends up forming the Dendarri Mercenaries. Warrior's Apprentice
Miles is 20

Having successfully graduated from the Academy, Miles is sent on a mission into the backwoods of his home County.

His first official mission sees him posted as a Weatherman

"Mountains of Mourning" in Borders of Infinity.

The Vor Game

Miles is 22

Miles and Cousin Ivan travel to Cetaganda to attend the State Funeral of the Cetagandan Dowager Empress.

As a result of that, Elli Quin is sent off on a mission that leads to Klein Station and mayhem!


Ethan of Athos

Miles arrives at 23 With his leg bones all synthetics now, Miles leads a recovery mission to Jackson's Whole "Labyrinth" in Borders of Infinity
Miles is 24

Miles plots the biggest POW escape ever seen. From inside the prison camp!

Fleeing the reasonable wrath of the Cetagandans, the Dendarris reach Earth, where they refit and Miles has to juggle both hisidentities as well as counter a plot to replace him with a double

"Borders of Infinity" in Borders of Infinity

Brothers in Arms

Miles is 25 Hospitalised in order to have all his remaining natural bones replaced by synthetics, Miles and Simon Illyan over come yet another plot aimed at Miles' father. Framing story for the collection Borders of Infinity
Miles is 28 Miles meets his clone, Mark, in an utterly mucked up rescue mission on Jackson's Whole. Mirror Dance
Miles is 29/30 Fired by ImpSec, Miles has to find something to do with his life. An unexpected collapse gives his career a new turn. A couple find they are soul-mates Memory
Miles at 31

When an apparent accident wipes out the Komarr Solletta array, Gregor sends a pair of Auditors to see if there's foul play.

As the plans for the Emperor's wedding reach fever pitch, unexpected complications rock the Council of Counts and Miles pursues a love.


A Civil Campaign

Miles is 32 Married himself, Miles and Ekaterin are enjoying a delayed honeymoon when an Imperial Courier Vessel catches up with them with its tale of woe. Diplomatic Immunity
Miles is 40 mumble Miles investigates an off-world corporation that wants to open a branch on Barrayar Cryoburn


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