The Vor Game


Having successfully survived the experiences of forming his own mercenary band; both the physical dangers of the fighting and the political implications of his actions back home, Miles is allowed into the Barrayaran Military Academy where they fail to fail him.

Finally, along with the rest of his year, he is promoted into the actual Barrayaran military, hoping, nay, praying for shipboard duty.

So he's a bit miffed (to put it politely) to find that he's been posted to Kyril Island, home of the Arctic warfare training base, as Weather Officer. He had been told by the Academy's Commandant that he needed to learn how to be commanded before it was possible to for him to be considered for ship duty. So Miles goes North full of good intentions that last mere hours after getting off the transport.

Being Miles, he is unable to stay out of trouble as a hazing goes nearly terminally too far, a body is found in a drain and the commander of the base shows himself to be a psychotic monster. The last incident gets Miles called up on a charge of treason.

By Imperial Request, he is transferred to the Security division.

Things really start moving when he's sent off as part of a security effort to reduce tension in a nearby wormhole nexus - it seems a certain mercenary group has turned up there, stirring up trouble.

A group formerly going by the name of the Free Dendarii Mercenaries.

Once commanded by a certain Admiral Miles Naismith.

Sometimes known as Ensign Lord Miles Vorkosigan!

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