When Cordelia Naismith came to marry Aral Vorkosigan, she little realised what she was letting herself in for.

Aral is one of those that has a genuine blood claim to the throne so when the old emperor forces him to accept the post of Regent to the young Emperor those that know of him expect him to take the crown for himself. Those that know him know that he would not do that. But the job is a murderous one.

Quite literally as an old friend's son is brought up on the capital charge of duelling. He fears to give the boy a reprieve but he's seen like a old fashioned Ogre by the boy's brother who launches an unexpected attack on Aral.

The only serious casualty of the attack was the baby that Cordelia had been carrying

Even as she was recovering from the effects of the resulting placental transfer, Cordelia is caught up in Vordarian's rebellion, announced when the head of the Emperor's security turns up at Vorkosigan's estate with the boy Emperor by his side.

Whilst Aral makes his way to a place where he can marshal his forces for the conflict to follow, Cordelia is sent on a whistle stop tour of the mountains that make up the majority of the Vorkosigan County.

After they are re-united, they learn that the uterine replicator holding their son has finally been located by Vordarian's forces and removed from the care of those treating him. Aral, thinking that a mission just to rescue his son whilst ignoring the other hostages would lose him more than having him safe would gain him, refuses to do anything. Cordelia having a better idea of the limitations of the technology fears more and without thinking too much about the consequences, she and her motley crew launch a rescue mission right into the centre of Vordarian's power - the Imperial Residency

It turns out to be a much greater success than even the most optimistic could have thought possible!

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