War of Honor


The peace has been in place for three years now and yet the new government of the Star Kingdom of Manticore has refused to actually get around to signing a peace treaty. Instead, they are using the tax revenues that should have been used to fight the war to fund their own pet projects to the detriment of the naval budget.

Meanwhile, Earl Whitehaven, commander of the victorious Manticoran forces had been forced into half-pay status, and while Honor had not actually been put on half-pay, she found that those currently in charge of the Queen's Navy viewed her with suspicion even as she taught at the Academy. Both she and Whitehaven found that they were spending an uncomfortably large amount of time in each other's company giving the Government supporting newsies access to a potential source of scandalous stories. Rumours that were given fresh life when Samantha found that Whitehaven would be a fine Two-leg to bond with after the death of her original bond mate, and Nimitz was Samantha's 'cat bond mate. And his Two-leg bond was Honor!!

Over in the Republic of Haven, the new government was attempting to repair the damage done, not just by the Committee of Public Safety, but also by the Legislative Governments of the previous two hundred years as well. But even amongst these economic woes, the government was adamant that Operation Bolthole was necessary.

As the High Ridge government continued its dealings in bad faith with the Havenites, they so offended their erstwhile allies so badly that some of them were reported to be looking at allying themselves with the Havenites, but all the Government was concerned with was it's own internal fight for survival as charges of dealings with the Gene Slavers of Mesa were levelled against senior members of the ruling parties.

Is Peace all it's cracked up to be and will it be long lasting?

Can Manticore survive the stupidity of it's Government?

Will it have to fight a new war by itself?

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