Flag in Exile


Having been forced out of the Star Kingdom in disgrace, Honor is welcomed with open arms in her Grayson Holding as Steader of Harrington Steading.

Even here her innovative style of doing business has made her enemies though!

Grayson is a deeply religious planet and has long relegated women to the role of providing the next generation - almost inevitable in it's deadly environment of heavy metals but still stifling to someone with Honor's background. And the fact of her sex is actively not liked by a number of her fellow Steaders but the people of Grayson remember what she had done for their planet in the face of enemies even more intolerant so it would appear that those who dislike her were pushing against the legendary immovable object.

But public opinion can be changed. When a school dome collapses killing a group of children, Steading Harrington's, and Honor's, reputation is mud. No one could believe that it was a deliberate attempt at peculation, but what other reason could there have been for such an untried technology to have failed at such an inappropriate moment? Add the presence of a Peep battle group and you have to wonder whether Honor can survive the calamities that are heaped up against her!!

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