Wyrd Sisters


A King is most foully murdered by a conniving courtier who believed that he could do a better job. Unfortunately a baby boy was spirited out from under the noses of the murderers.

This being the small Ramtops Kingdom of Lancre on the Discworld, there are witches abroad - three of them meeting on a blasted heath as a loyalist courtier passes them a baby before passing on.

After much heart-searching and debate, they decide to take a hand in Affairs of State. Their leader, a cantankerous old maid known as Granny Weatherwax, decided that it was a good chance to interfere so whilst the good citizens of Lancre slept through one night, the Outside World passed through nineteen years.

When a travelling troupe of players finally found their way into the Kingdom, it was time for the tyrant to be overthrown (particularly as he'd decided to start charging Granny Weatherwax rent!). However, even with their vast powers, the Witches do not find it easy to overcome the vast inertia of the Ruling Monarch and Nanny Nogg, head of the most populous family in the town of Lancre, finds herself in the torture chamber.

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