I Shall WearMidnight


'I Shall Wear Midnight' follows the tale of Tiffany Aching - the young witch on the Chalk. Tiffany is in her mid teens now and feeling very grown up after her successes against those who had wanted to hurt her or hers but now she faces her most intense challange yet as an ancient evil is woken.

As this is marketed as a children's book, there are chapters which will allow the reader to halt their read of this at a suitable spot though if I am anything to go by you will probably go sailing through the chapters without remarking on the chapter headings - despite the fact that the Tiffany Aching books are technically children's books, Pratchett doesn't use this as an opportunity to talk down to his audience.

Indeed the themes of his children's books are often more serious than the so-called adults books.

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