Soul Music


  When Imp y Cellyn (translates to Buddy Holly, approximately...) won the annual Llamados music festival, he saw it as his chance to get away from the probability of making stone circles like the rest of his family. He was fed up with wet Llamados though. He wanted the excitement of a big city and they didn't come any bigger than Ankh-Morpork.

Once there, though, he finds that his stake doesn't go as far as he had hoped. He also finds that, quite unlike back home, you can't just make music in the streets and the guild rigidly enforces the rules.

At the guild offices, he meets a troll drummer by the name of Cliff and a horn player by the name of Glod Glodson. Taken for a group by the membership secretary the trio soon find themselves in the nearest pub when they find that they're unable to raise the appropriate membership fee.

But it's not until Cliff accidentally sits on Buddy's harp, his perfect harp, that Buddy knows he has problems!

After a desperate search through the back streets of Ankh-Morpork the trio find a pawnshop with all sorts of interesting musical instruments in it.

Buddy, unable to find a suitable harp settled on a basic guitar. Given that it's playable at all, they know there's something strange about it but it isn't until the group get the gig at the Mended Drum that they realise just what it's powers are!

Soon, the phenomenon known as Music With Rocks In is pulling in the crowds from all over the city. Even members of Unseen University were seen strutting their stuff.

But was this basically a harmless passing fad, or will the Discworld be changed forever? Even the wizards get to use some real magic!

If Death hadn't got all depressed and left his job to his granddaughter then things might not have got too out of hand. But he had, and Susan was determined to make sure Buddy stayed alive despite the best attempts of others.

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