Raisig Steam


Out in the backwoods of Ankh-Morpork's hinterlands, someone's been experimenting with steam and forgot to put in a steam valve as he heated the water up. There was little left to bury. His son, not put off by this grisley end, got himself an education which lent heavily on the precepts of mathematics and he very cautiously made his own experiments into steam power, eventually building himself the sainted Number One engine. Back in Ankh-Morport, Harry King, who'd made himself an obscene amount of money dealing with various waste products was looking for something more acceptable to mainstream society. And for something that would let him eat Quirm oysters without adding to his fortune.

When the two met up, the Steam Revolution was born. Of course Lord Vetinari took a pointed interest in this newest revolution but he was willing to give it a go, especially when the route to Uberwald promised to be so much more comfortable than the coach road. But the fanatical dwarves hated any change and this latest intrusion was a step too far and revolution was brewed in the dark depths.

I quite enjoyed the part about the building of the railways and who doesn't get all gooey eyed when there are steam engines about (it's all the smut in the air...)? But I did find the stuff about the dwarves' dissatisfaction about the changes in their society far too simplistic.

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