Pteppic was heir to the oldest kingdom on the Discworld. But like all old money, the actual coinage was in short supply so Pteppic was sent to enrol in the Assassins Guild in Ankh-Morpork - after all who has ever heard of a poor assassin?

The class work was okay, and you had a good incentive to pass the end-of-year examinations - there are few partially trained assassins around!

However, it's soon finals and they're of a particularly practical nature. Pteppic finds that he has a particularly unfortunate failing for a future assassin - he can't stand killing anyone so when he's faced by his inhumee, only an ill thrown blade saves him.

While out celebrating with the other survivors of the course, Pteppic becomes aware that he has suddenly become the ruler of his country.

Back in his homeland Pteppic is faced with the crushing weight of the millennia of tradition that had preceded him and in a stunned fit of rebellion he demands that a seriously huge pyramid be built for his father.

And it was made so.

But this is the Discworld and an unusual building demands an unusual response from Reality.

Can Pteppic rescue his country from its unusual fate? Will the mystery of the High Priest be explained?

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