Mort has a problem. He needs to be apprenticed to someone.

He didn't quite expect the offer he got though. When a very, very thin gent dressed in a long, dark (one might say black) cloak rides up with a scythe in hand Mort thinks there might be some farm work involved. He's not too keen on the thought of the work involved, but it's practically midnight at the midwinter fair and it's bloody cold, so he accepts.

Throughout the conversation with this mysterious stranger, something had been trying to get Mort's attention; the stranger's smile was just a little too fixed perhaps, and glowing blue eyes like those don't really belong on such a pallid complexion.

Once he accepted the apprenticeship, Mort is absolutely sure that something is seriously wrong when the stranger's horse doesn't so much fly like the wind as fly with the wind, but it's the pure black of his destination that gives the game away!

Death is a strange person to have as a master; there is little chance of inheriting the job, though there is a (grand)daughter to fall in love with. And just what is the role of the strange manservant?

Despite these potential problems Mort reckons he's getting the hang of the job - until Death goes missing! Someone needs to ride to the rescue and that some one is Mort!

When he accidentally cancels the Queen of Sto Lat's death though, he and Death's granddaughter find themselves caught up in a temporal bubble.

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