Lords and Ladies


The king of Lancre is getting married and he's invited almost everyone who is anyone.

All the way from Ankh-Morpork itself come the senior faculty of Unseen University, led by Chancellor Ridcully himself.

Meanwhile, Granny and Nana are down a witch and the younger women of the village were beginning to get restive. Particularly a young woman by the delightful name of Perditia who used her power over the other girls to set up a coven in opposition to the old crones. Unfortunately she used her power to prove that she is more powerful but Granny uses her accumulated wisdom to beat her. Perditia is not the sort to back down gracefully and she persuaded some of her girlfriends to join her in calling up the fairies in the local Mound. None really believed in the fairies so they're a bit surprised at the results of their actions...

These fairies are not the harmless creatures of folklore though.

Will the citizens of Lancre be able to survive the deprivations of the Lords and Ladies as they demanded their ancient prerogatives.

Will the wizards and witches be able to put aside their differences long enough to overcome the danger? Will Perditia have a change of attitude, or will she be permanently turned against her neighbours?

How well do Granny and Ridcully know each other?

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