Going Postal


Moist von Lipwig was a con-man - a successful one indeed. But when his luck ran out, it went real bad. He was in Ank-Morpork's condemned cell about to have his neck stretched

So it was with a degree of surprise that he found he'd survived the event. Not that his continuing health was guaranteed for the first thing he saw was Lord Vetinari, Patrician of the City.

Vetinari had a proposition for Moist - take on the task of revivifying the dying postal system - or let the hangman finish his job. Rather surprisingly, Lipwig had to think about this for a while; Vetinari had lost four of his own people already to... something. Moist would also have to overcome the threat of the Grand Trunk - a continent wide system of semaphore stations that was The New Thing!

But Moist is soon deeply involved in the lives of the people who run the Post Office and finds that their aspirations are affecting his better judgement. Not that he can get away; Lord Vetinari had put the perfect watcher on him; a tireless golem that would think nothing of following him to the ends of the world...

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