Equal Rights


All seven plus oneth sons are wizards, right?

When the wizard Drum Billet feels the bony hand of Death on his shoulder, he's in a remote village where a nine minus oneth child is being born. Lacking the time for a detailed inspection, he bequethes his staff to the newborn child sight unseen.

Unfortunately there is a slight problem; the baby is a girl child.

Despite the efforts of her parents to get the child to grow up normal, Esk finds the wizard's gifts flowing out of her, causing chaos all around. The wizard's staff survives various attempts at stafficide; those attempting its harm aren't so lucky!

At last, the village witch is forced to take Esk down to Ankh-Morpork and Unseen University so she can learn to control her powers. Unfortunately, the teaching staff of the University don't think girls can be wizards. This irritates Granny Weatherwax who, upto that point, had agreed with the Wizards and she throws all her considerable powers into proving them wrong.

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