The Masterharper of Pern


Robinton's mother was the best singer in the Harper Hall, the only person able to perform her husband's compositions.

Ever since the child was born, his father had been completely dismissive of him. After his mother died, there was no protection for Robinton until those in control of the Harper Hall realised what was going on and quietly took over the care of the boy.

As he progressed through the ranks of the Harper Hall, he met those who would soon mean so much to the future of Pern including the despised remnants of the Dragonriders. Almost as despised were the Harpers and Robinton and his fellow Harpers barely escaped from a number of Holds ahead of those ordered to beat them up, or worse. Some did not and were mourned by their fellows.

In his travels, Robinton became close to the Riders of Benden Weyr - the sole remaining Weyr to protect an unwilling planet against the historic threat of thread.

He always seems to be around at those points that define the future direction of Pern. I fear that this is not really one of Anne's better books. At the signing, she claimed that the Masterharper was demanding that his back story be told but in my humble opinion she should not have listened.

But buy the book and judge for yourself.

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