Despite Bendan's woeful position at the start of Threadfall, the dragons and their riders have succeeded in defending Pern against it's ancient foe.

F'lar and Lessa, Weyrleaders of Bendan have done a magnificent job of uniting the planet under their leadership but they also know how fragile their margin of safety is. Despite having developed a map that showed when and where Thread would fall whilst giving their riders a chance to recover, the wings were taking too many casualties to remain effective for much longer. Using the dragons' abilities to travel between in time as well as space gave them a chance to breed up a new generation but not enough quickly enough!

Knowing that Pern's only hope of survival was more dragons the weyrleaders and the Master Harper desperately search through ancient texts for the answer to their need! The question is found in an ancient riddle song found deep in the mouldering records of the Harper Hall.

Now all they need to do is find an answer! It's Lessa's memory of an old tapestry that once hung proudly in her ancestral hall. A tapestry that celebrated the final battle against Thread 400 turns ago! Using this, Lessa reckons that she and her Golden Dragon Ramoth could get a good enough fix to go between, back to that momentous day to make her request for aid. F'lar objects for Ramoth is Pern's only queen dragon old enough to breed the necessary replacements.

But Lessa is never one to let another's objections get in the way of what needed to be done and one dark night the dragon and her rider vanish into the past!

Will Ramoth make it? Will the old-time riders want to come forward to a strange time?

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