Gollancz Classic SF Books

For decades in UK bookshops and libraries, the simple yellow covered books of the Gollancz science fiction range have been a marker for excellence in the Science Fiction field.

Now, the editors at Gollancz have come up with a new collection. Using that massive back catalogue, they have issued a new range of books - the Gollancz SF Collectables series. Maintaining the traditional plain (but very bright!) yellow covers of the original hardback books, this series is actually a paperback, though of rather thick card.

As Gollancz are rather shy about publicising this great series, the following have been arranged alphabetically by author rather than attempting to arrange them by date they were republished. Just click on a letter below to see the authors listed under that letter.

So get out those sunglasses and ENJOY!

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Anderson, Poul - Tau Zero Book Reviewed

Asimov, Isaac - The End of Eternity Book Reviewed

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Bishop, Michael - No Enemy but Time Book Reviewed

Blish, James - The Seedling Stars Book Reviewed

Butler, Octavia - Wild Seed (according to the catalogues...)

Brown, Eric - New York Nights

Brunner, John - The Jagged Orbit

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Cadigan, Pat - Mindplayers

Clement, Hal - Mission of Gravity

Crowley, John - Beasts

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Delany, Samuel R - The Jewels of Aptor

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Haldeman, Joe - All My Sins Remembered

Haldeman, Joe - Mindbridge Book Reviewed

Haldeman, Joe - Worlds

Harrison, Harry - A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! Book Reviewed

Heinlein, Robert - The Door into Summer Book Reviewed

Heinlein, Robert - Orphans of the Sky Book Reviewed

Holland, Cecelia - Floating Worlds

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Knuttner, Henry - Fury

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Le Guin, Ursula - The Wind's Twelve Quarters

Le Guin, Ursula - The City of Illusions Book Reviewed

Leiber, Fritz - The Wanderer

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Mann, Phillip - The Eye of the Queen

Miller Jnr, Walter M - The Best of Walter M Miller Jnr.

Morrow, James - This is the Way the World Ends

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Pohl, Frederick & Kornbluth, CM - Wolfbane

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Russell, Eric Frank - Wasp Book Reviewed

Russell, Eric Frank - Next of Kin Book Reviewed

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Schmitz, James H. - The Witches of Karres Book Reviewed

Shaw, Bob - Orbitsville Book Reviewed

Shaw, Bob - A Wreath of Stars

Silverberg, Robert - The Stochastic Man

Silverberg, Robert - Thorns

Silverberg, Robert - The Masks of Time

Silverberg, Robert - Tower of Glass Book Reviewed

Silverberg, Robert - Son of Man

Simak, Clifford D - Way Station Book Reviewed

Sladek, John - The Reproductive System

Sladek, John - Tik-Tok Book Reviewed

Smith, Cordwainer - Norstrilia Book Reviewed

Stapledon, Olaf - Sirius

Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris - Roadside Picnic

Sturgeon, Theodore - Dreaming Jewels

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Tenn, William - Of Men and Monsters

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Vance, Jack - Big Planet Book Reviewed

Vance, Jack - The Blue World

Varley, John - The Ophiuchi Hotline

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Watson, Ian - The Embedding

Watson, Ian - The Jonah Kit

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Zelazny, Roger - This Immortal Book Reviewed

Zelazny, Roger - Damnation Alley Book Review

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