Time Traders II


The Defiant Agents (1962)

A planet was identified by Murdock's team and deemed suitable for colonisation by the descendants of the Native American tribes who had undertaken a special kind of conditioning to bring back their ancient skills.

When those in charge of the project realise that the tapes have been stolen by Eastern spies, the project is speeded up dramatically and the colonists are sent out only partially conditioned.

By the time their ship arrives at the planet, they find that their opponents had fortified the planet and a hunter-killer satellite does a job on the ship. When the colonists recover from the crash, they find all the technical staff have been killed and the delicate equipment wrecked. The nature of some of that equipment makes them extremely wary about trying to contact HQ.

Knowing that there is an Eastern presence on the planet, they scout around carefully and find a slave culture being created from regressed Mongols.

They also find escapees.

Unfortunately, they are also found by those running the Easterners camp.

The Apaches and the Free Horde have to utilise a technology that is alien to humanity in order to destroy this threat to their freedom.

Key out of Time (1963)

Murdock and Ashe are away on the planet of Hawaika, settled by Polynesians and their telepathic dolphins. It was known to have a civilisation many thousands of years ago, now destroyed.

Murdock and Ashe were sent to see what they could find out about the death of this strange civilisation but as they were calibrating their time gate, a huge storm overwhelms them pushing Ross, Ashe and Karara, Polynesian Swimmer-with-Dolphins along with a couple of her dolphins through the opened gate.

As they recovered from the effects of the storm, they are taken prisoners by the long extinct natives. It was known that the natives were destroyed by the Baldies, the race whose remains the Terrans are looting. But it was not known whether the Baldies were due to turn up in their new time, for they were stuck; their time gate destroyed by the storm.

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