Time Traders - Omnibus of The Time Traders and Galactic Derelict


The Time Traders (1958)

Ross Murdoch is a young individualist in a world that was becoming ever increasingly intolerant of such individualists. Driven to a life of crime, Ross is basically still loyal to his government so when he is faced by the inevitable judge he unhesitatingly takes his chances on the offer of working on an unspecified project.

Not told what this mysterious project is, he is taken far to the north. Even there he is not told what the project is about but he is presented with enough signs that it is extremely odd. And very risky! When offered the chance to escape, he unhesitatingly takes that too, but who is his companion? Is he truly one who just wants out or were there deeper motives to the man's urgent desire to flee?

Ross is startled to find that this project sends men back through time to chase the Reds as they used their time technology to salvage alien technology in the desperate struggle against the West.

Set to act as a member of the Beaker People as a passing out mission Ross is flung right into the heart of the Russian's missions. Ancient mysteries are woken as the humans probe ancient wreckage.

Galactic Derelict (1959)

Armed with the knowledge of where the alien starships crashed on on Earth all those millennia ago, the American time travel team pin their hopes on one that had crashed in the American mid west.

Ross Murdock and Doctor Gordon Ashe are sent to set up a time station in a hidden valley.

Not hidden enough, though, for Travis Fox, with the blood of his Apache ancestors running pure in his veins, knew of the valley and whilst scouting it out for water he is taken prisoner by an observant Ross. At first severely annoyed by their actions, Travis is rapidly absorbed into the team's desperate preparations to set up the transfer station.

Together with Murdoch and Ashe, he travels back 20,000 years to retrieve what they all thought would be wreckage. What they find is an unrecorded fully functioning ship.

A transit station is rapidly built round the stricken vessel in order to bring it back to the present. As the transit is undertaken the alien ship is woken from it's sleep and departs the soil of Terra. The Terrans aboard desparately hope that the facilities that were present 20,000 years ago to receive it are still there to be found!

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